Changes 2023

  • Sunday, 25th December, 2022
  • 12:07pm

Dear customers,

We inform you about changes in our oferta, terms and rules that will start from 2023/01/01.

1. We changed our company name and location. New operating company is WEB3 Leaders INC under Canadian law.

2. We changed our bank details for EUR payments. Please update your payment templates ASAP.

New invoices will generated with new information. In case you need update our contracts, please contact us with tickets in financial departament.

Old payment details will terminated in 2022/12/30.

3. We will add new payment options in January 2023. Will keep updated actual information ASAP.

4. We will add new offers for you in first quater of 2023.

Merry cristmas and Happy New Year!

Yes Team


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